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  • Load-BV

    Buy General Merchandise Pallets online BV Department Store Assorted General Merchandise Loads. Manifested

    •  Variety of products from an East Coast based discount department store
    •  Fully Manifested
    •  Varied product categories
    •  Typically include “as seen on TV” items
    •  Sold at a fraction of competitive retail value
    •  FOB: PA and CA

    Loads typically include a wide variety of items ranging from as seen on TV items to fitness equipment, housewares, kitchen items, toys, furniture and more. 

    Typical items found in manifests include: Flexible hoses, wax vacs, lanterns, cushions, frying pans, pancake flippers, insta bulbs, infrared heaters, lint lizards, bagless canisters, auto rim restoration kits,

  • precision shavers, thermal coffee makers, no peel hard boiled egg makers, ironing boards & pad covers, size enhancing bras, furniture fixer, ID steel defense wallets, toaster ovens,
  • TV dinner trays, motion activated candy dispensers, cookie sheets, stainless cookware, storage bags, depilatory creams, chicken fryers, steamer sets, clothing, 12 cup coffee makers, rotary razors, spill grabber dry wipes, tummy tuck belts, griddles, nose/ear trimmers, wireless temperature stations,
  • beverage warmers, travel alarms, metallic tea kettles, zipper fixers, slow cookers, pressure cookers, stackable shoe racks, shoe towers, egg slicers and many more items! Buy Ketamine OnlineBrands typically include: Select Home Products, All Star Products, TV Products, Pure Global Brands, BSF Baby Inc, Twin Star, Farberware, Ideal Village, T-Fal, Bissell, Milen, Samsonic, Wipe New, Philips, Lacrosse Technology, Panasonic,
  • Robinson Home Products, LaJobi, Meyer, Tekno Products, Gourmet Home Products, Lifetime Brands, Megware, Gibson, Weston Products, The Sak, Sensio, Fisher Price, Aroma Housewares, Champion, Homes, Hamilton Beach, Ashton Sutton, The Grill Daddy Brush, Electrolux, Fits Elements, Buy Hydrocodone Online Euroware, Casio, Elite, Hasbro and more!

    Buy General Merchandise Pallets online


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